Terms & Conditions


  • Once payment is received, a confirmation email will be sent to confirm your placement/s.
  • Please note the majority of cooking classes are interactive and demonstrational.   The Masterclasses are hands-on.
  • We must receive payment in full from you and you must receive a confirmation email from us confirming your booking before you or any of your party can attend a class.
  • We reserve the right to refuse you entry to a class. By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions you are aware that:
    • Age restrictions may apply for certain events and cookery courses. Please check the product description for the event or course carefully before booking.
    • Children under 18 years of age are the responsibility of their parent/guardian and must be supervised at all times.
    • Pialligo Estate is a working farm and cannot accept responsibility for everyday risks and hazards including electric fences; uneven paths and farm tracks or garden incidents
    • Cars parked are entirely at the owner’s risk. No responsibility can be accepted for loss of property or damage to vehicles whilst on site.
    • Pialligo Estate Operations Pty Ltd will not be liable for any failure to provide the services contracted in the following circumstances: Industrial action by employees; Industrial action by staff or a major supplier; Fire, lightning, aircraft impact, explosion, riot and civil commotion, malicious damage, storm, tempest, flood, burst pipes, earthquakes and impact, terrorism; Breakdown of plant or any failure to supply to site of gas, electricity, water services etc.; Any other circumstances beyond reasonable control of Pialligo Estate
  • Please review these events and courses carefully to ensure they suit your and your attendees’ dietary needs because by booking on to a particular course, you are confirming that it will indeed suit your and your attendees’ dietary requirements. If you are unsure of whether a course is suited to your dietary needs, please contact us by emailing us at tm@pialligo.estate.


  • Cancellations are non-refundable.
  • Bookings may be transferred to another class with five days notice.
  • Should you be unable to attend a confirmed class, you may nominate someone to attend in your place.
  • Pialligo Estate Academy reserves the right to alter or cancel a class. A minimum of six participants is required to facilitate a class. Participants will be notified no later than 48 hours prior should a class need to be rescheduled. Participants will be offered a choice of rescheduling or a full refund.
  • We may cancel any event or cookery course due to events or circumstances outside our reasonable control. Although it is rare for us to do so, we may also reschedule any event or cookery course at any time. We may also change the location or content of any cookery course or event and/or substitute the teacher(s) for a course for another at any time. If we do cancel, reschedule or make any changes as described, we will notify you by telephone or by email and will endeavour to do so as soon as possible after making those changes.


  • All members in your party must be punctual to all classes. We may refuse you or a member of your party entry to a class if you or a member of your party is late. We reserve the right to only admit members of your party whose names you provided as attendees when you placed your order. We suggest you arrive ten minutes prior to commencement time.
  • We do not accept responsibility for damage to or the loss of any personal possessions.
  • We will be entitled to require you to leave an event or cookery course if in our reasonable opinion you behave in an unacceptable manner or are under the influence of drugs or alcohol. 


  • Gift certificates must be presented at class sign-in prior to commencement of class.
  • A gift voucher can be redeemed online during the check-out process by entering the unique code which appears on your printed voucher or, if you’ve received your gift voucher, in the email with your voucher code that we send to you.
  • Gift vouchers are valid for a period of twelve (12) months from date of purchase. Any remaining balance on a gift voucher may no longer be used on expiry of the validity period.
  • If any item purchased with a gift voucher is subsequently refunded or exchanged for an item of a lower price, the refunded amount will be credited to the gift voucher.
  • Gift vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash and are non-refundable. Without our express written permission, we do not permit you or any third party to sell or trade gift vouchers.


  • Pialligo Estate will take all necessary care, but will accept no responsibility for damage or loss of any personal items of participants.
  • Photographs taken during classes may be used for marketing or promotional purposes. Photos of children will only be used by us with parental/guardian consent.
  • Facilitators reserve the right to refuse anyone who is intoxicated or behaving erratically, or exhibiting threatening and unruly behaviour.
  • When participating in a Cookery class, participants will be using sharp or potentially dangerous kitchen utensils/appliances. The participant releases and excludes employees and contractors of Pialligo Estate Academy, Pialligo Estate Operations Pty Ltd from any and all liability of any kind including damage or injury incurred whilst attending class.